Fireplace firebox rebuild

Below you will see some of Anderson’s work, before and after the job was done.

Chimney Rebuild

This chimney was in dire need of repair. We tore it down and rebuilt it from the roofline up and also installed a stainless steel liner and cap.

Repointing and New Crown

Chimney needed repointing and additionally needed a new crown

Chimney Repair

We removed and rebuilt the top 5 course of brick and also removed mortar from the rest of the chimney and repointed the joints

Crown Resurfacing

We removed the old cracked crown and did a masonry crown wash. A few days later after it dried, we sealed it with Crown Coat (picture not shown).

Crown Coat

Crown Coat Sealant is an elastomeric coating that is specifically formulated to repair and protect chimney crowns from water damage.

Chimney Needs Parged

We parged the smoke chamber to make a smooth transition to the newly installed stainless steel liner.

Fireplace Cleaning

These stains are difficult to remove on your own and can be quite messy. We have a few tricks up our sleeve and can usually give your fireplace front a ‘non-surgical’ facelift with just one visit. Stop looking at soot-stained mess and have your fireplace looking beautiful again.

Pressure Washing

The outside elements really put a beating on our homes exterior appearance. We offer pressure washing services- from chimneys to driveways and even patios.

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