Fall has arrived, and it’s time to think about supplemental heat sources to save you money and bring some warmth and comfort into your home. Installing a new fire unit this fall means you will have a beautiful fire to lounge by in the evenings. You’ll have the perfect backdrop for your family gatherings and photos. You will even bring up the value of your property. You may want to add a fire appliance to boost a sale or during a refinance negotiation, but choosing the best product for your home is essential. Partnering with the right professional to install your new product is also crucial, and getting started now means you will be ready for burn season!

Wood Fire ProductsWhich Heating Unit is Best? - South Central PA - Anderson's Chimney
The most sought after fire is the wood fire. It burns hot, has beautiful flames, and can be fueled by your own backyard (or forest). Today’s wood-burning units are more efficient than ever, great for the environment, and safer than past models and technologies. Homeowners can choose from wood fireplaces, stoves, and inserts, and each come with their own unique benefits. Fireplaces may be the least popular, since traditional open fireplaces allow a lot of heat loss and efficiency problems. You can revamp an old and less efficient fireplace by having a new insert or stove installed in its place. No matter if you choose an insert, a stove, or a fireplace, your wood-burning unit will produce soot, creosote, and ash. It also will results in wood chips and a mess that many homeowners find frustrating, and can require more maintenance appointments than gas or pellet units.

Gas-Powered Appliances
If you’re looking for a bit of supplemental heat and easy installation, a gas unit may be just the ticket. The biggest benefit of gas units is the high efficiency. Gas burns cleaner than any other fuel, generates the least pollution, and dirties the chimney the least. In fact, if you choose to install a new gas unit, you will need less chimney service appointments than if you choose a wood or pellet appliance.
At Anderson’s we sell and install gas stoves and inserts, which offer real heat and beautiful features such as detailed and movable logs, realistic flames, and glass viewing areas. When you hire the professionals at Anderson’s Chimney & Masonry Services, you will have the safest and best-fitting unit for your home, and we offer comprehensive fire and chimney services year-round.

Pellet Products
Pellet products offer nearly all the benefits of gas units such as convenient light, consistent temperature and burn, and high-efficiency. Pellets are a product that must be bought, however, and many homeowners don’t like storing pellets. Compared with firewood, pellets are safe to store, easy to feed into the unit, and affordable. Best of all? Pellet units are more efficient than standard wood-burning units which means less creosote buildup and a safer burn.

When you’re ready to invest in a new fire heat unit, make sure you involve the professionals so that you get the size, capacity, and model that is best for you. You’re a phone call away from being one step closer to your new fireplace or stove. Call Anderson’s at 717-500-8306 to get started.

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