Your house has a roof to cover and protect it, and so your chimney flue should have the same type of coverage. The chimney cap allows your flue to vent out smoke and gases while protecting it like a roof. Some people might not see the need for a cap, but there are many reasons to have a state-of-the-art one installed and then inspected regularly.

Caps Keep Water Out

Chimney caps are essential for preventing chimney leaks. If water is allowed into the chimney system, it can cause extensive damage from the inside out. Water damage may be costly to repair, time consuming, and dangerous, and it’s 100 percent preventable. Cap your chimney, and water will not fall into your flue. Making sure your chimney also has a proper crown and flashing, and is waterproofed, is also essential.

Caps Keep Wildlife Out

Your cap may be keeping water out, but the mesh may be torn, allowing small critters and birds into your flue. It may even be that there is no cap at all and large mammals can climb in. Remember, anything that can reach your roof can also climb into your chimney, including cats, skunks, squirrels, and more. If you have an animal in your flue, it’s best to call a certified chimney sweep right away. We can remove animals from the chimney safely and humanely, then clean up after them. Even if the animal escapes on his own, it’s important to call us so we can assess the mess and the damage. It’s likely that the animal used its claws to escape, leaving marks and crevices in the liner. It’s best to avoid this altogether by making sure the chimney is capped.

Caps Keep Sparks In

Your chimney cap doesn’t only keep animals and weather out, but it also keeps sparks in. The cap is equipped with a spark suppressor which prevents sparks and embers from escaping. As they rise on the hot air, the spark hits the cap and falls back into the fire below. This prevents flammable debris from igniting that may be collected on the roof and on the ground below.

Types of Caps

There are different types of caps you can choose from. Many homeowners prefer decorative caps. Some even opt for caps that allow a certain species of bird to enter, and still others deflect wind away from the chimney opening. At Anderson’s, we get questions about top-sealing dampers when we replace caps. Top-sealing dampers are great options that combine the damper and the cap. When the damper is open, it acts as a chimney cap, but when engaged, it is closed with a tight seal that prevents any air, moisture, or animals from passing through. They are a great money-saving option, especially because they will prevent conditioned air from escaping during the summer. If you’re interested in learning more about top-sealing dampers or caps, talk to an Anderson’s expert.

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