Have you been thinking about the holidays? About cool weather and lounging into the evening? Like most homeowners, you’d probably enjoy a new fireplace this fall and winter! In fact, according to real estate professionals, homeowners want fireplaces. It doesn’t have to involve a big renovation or a huge cost, either.

Outdoor Fire Options

Our fireplace store doesn’t focus only on indoor fires. You can enjoy fall and winter just as well from a lounge chair on the patio, with a crackling fire for marshmallows.

  • Fire Pits
    We sell and install gas, wood, and bioethanol fire pits, each with their own benefits. Gas and bioethanol fire pits offer versatile designs, are freestanding like wood fire pits, are efficient, and convenient. Wood fire pits don’t have easy lighting mechanisms, but require properly seasoned firewood, kindling, and a lighter, or match. Wood fire pits burn hotter, with more smoke and ash, and can be difficult to control the temperature. They are often preferred because they are stylish and can be moved.
  • Outdoor Fireplaces
    Bioethanol fireplaces are the most contemporary, convenient, and cost-effective. However, gas offers more options. We sell gas log sets (vented and unvented), gas wall heaters, as well as gas fireplaces similar to those that burn wood. Our wood fireplaces are less stylish, but very effective, offering high heat and a beautiful flame. The wood fireplace is often installed due to the renewable source of wood.

The Indoor Fireplace

It can be difficult to choose a fuel-type for your new fireplace, but you can talk with a fireplace expert to help you make the hard choices. An expert can help you choose the best appliance for your existing fireplace, or choose something completely new that enhances your space and helps with utility costs.

  • Wood Fuel
    Wood stoves can be freestanding, placed anywhere when professionally installed with accompanying chimney piping. They are excellent for home heating, and can be bought in varying sizes.
    Wood inserts are a closed unit, just as efficient as stoves and are placed inside an existing fireplace to revitalize an old fireplace and raise efficiency.
    Wood fireplaces are a favorite among our customers. We sell, install, and service Regency wood burning fireplaces year round.
  • Gas Fuel
    Gas stoves are more efficient than wood stoves, require less routine maintenance, are convenient, eco-friendly, and versatile in style and placement.
    Gas inserts are much the same as wood inserts, though without the need to cut, haul, buy, and clean up after wood. They are also highly efficient creating less smoke, soot, and creosote.
  • Pellet Fuel
    The best of both worlds, pellet stoves and inserts are an eco-friendly option, while still offering a natural wood flame, because pellets are manufactured wood products. These have to be purchased, but offer many of the benefits of gas, including a clean burn, and a consistent temperature with the use of a hopper that constantly feeds the fire.


Do you have the fireplace of your dreams? We may have exactly what you need to enhance your experience.

In our fireplace store you can find tool sets, screens, doors, burners, holders, log racks, grates, and even electric heat products. At Anderson’s Chimney and Masonry Services we won’t stop until you’re completely satisfied. Call and talk with a fireplace expert at 717-975-3526 or schedule your appointment online now.

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