scheduling tips
  1. We take every precaution not to damage your valuables, but please move any boxes or items away from the appliance we will be servicing.
  2. Do not light a fire in your fireplace or appliance for 24 hours from your appointment time and remove any ash from the firebox. This gives ample time for everything to cool so that our technician can safely inspect and sweep without getting hurt.
  3. September – January are our busiest months and we usually have a 3 week or longer wait for an appointment. For more flexible scheduling, Spring is the perfect time to have your inspection and sweep done so you are ready for fall and winter use. Not only do we offer spring discounts during these times, it is also the perfect opportunity to schedule any needed repairs.
  4. Don’t forget about your furnace flue. It needs to be inspected and swept too. Your furnace company will service the actual furnace but they don’t sweep the furnace flue. Having a blockage in your furnace flue can cause your furnace company to shut your furnace off until its cleaned and a last minute emergency service call can be costly. We can take care of that for you when we do your chimney sweep and we offer a multi-sweep discount.
  5. We are a pet-friendly company. We even have Abby, our company mascot hang in the office with us from time to time, but we ask that you lock up your pets while we are doing service at your home. We have to go in and out of the house and we don’t want to take any chances of letting your fur-baby escape.
  6. Ask questions! Never had a fireplace before? Don’t know how to open the damper? Didn’t even realize what that silver thing on the top of your chimney did? Our service is intended to be educational.
  7. Forward Schedule! While your Technician is still there, pre-schedule your next years annual inspection and sweep and receive this years prices AND a early-bird discount. We will make sure to send you a reminder with plenty of notice in case you need to reschedule.

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