We have had quite a winter all across the United States. In Pennsylvania, our very own groundhog said summer was on its way, several weeks ago! Now we’re ready for spring, but this year, spring may bring more than just ‘April Showers’. Spring may also bring chimney repairs to us too.

Winter Damage

raining window paneEach spring, we see many of the same, specific chimney damage at Anderson’s Chimney. Homeowners who had otherwise safe chimneys last year may have extensive damage this spring due to the freeze/thaw effect. This effect is the difference between water damage and winter damage. First, small cracks and gaps in the masonry are filled with water as it rains or snows during winter. As the chimney or the weather cools, this water inside the masonry freezes and expands, breaking apart the masonry. When the chimney warms from a fire or from the rising temperatures, the water thaws, moving further into the damaged masonry. This process repeats itself all winter long until there may be extensive masonry damage, and then this can cause extensive water damage to the interiors.

Water Damage

The first indication that you have a problem is water in your system. You might hear or see dripping. You may notice stains of black or dark green, or even begin smelling mildew or mold near the fireplace opening. These are all signs that water has penetrated the system and is wreaking havoc on your chimney. This means you will witness rusting damper, deteriorating masonry, even leaks in parts of your house. When water is left unchecked in your chimney system, it can actually lead to a full chimney collapse. A general contractor or handyman cannot repair these problems, you will need to hire a professional chimney sweep. Only a chimney professional can stop a chimney leak, repair the damage, and prevent recurrence.

Trust Anderson’s

At Anderson’s Chimney and Masonry Services, we are committed to excellence. It is our goal that none of our customers, friends, or neighbors spends a dollar on chimney repairs in the spring. It’s our goal to keep homeowners with fires safe and comfortable. We want to prevent dangers that can sometimes occur when using fireplaces and fire appliances.

Trust Anderson’s, and your chimney system will be protected from the freeze/thaw. We cannot control the weather, but we can protect your chimney system from winter damage. Schedule your chimney inspections before burn season to ensure the your system is ready for when the cold strikes again. Ask our experts about our waterproofing services, call Anderson’s at 717-219-3620 or email our staff for scheduling questions at info@andersonchimney.com.

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