Throughout the life of your home, you will need to take care of maintenance and repairs periodically. This means you need to schedule needed services for your chimney to keep your home running safely and efficiently. Inspections and sweepings now by an expert can help prevent minor repairs become major repairs.

At Anderson’s Chimney and Masonry Services, we have certified HeatShield® installers. Our team knows how to restore your chimney liner with this product instead of rebuilding or restoring the chimney liner.

What is HeatShield®?

yellow masonry chimney at sunsetOver time, a chimney liner becomes cracked and gapped due to high heat, routine abuse, time, and gravity. When this type of damage occurs, heat can transfer from the chimney through the damaged portions of the liner. This then could cause even more damage and a potential house fire. A damaged liner can also allow carbon monoxide into the home. This can lead to carbon monoxide exposure, poisoning, hospitalization, and permanent damage.

Using HeatShield®, our team can restore your chimney system completely! This specially formulated “cerfractory” sealant material combines the strength of high-fired ceramic and the heat resistance of high-temperature refractory cement. HeatShield® is compliant with UL 1777 performance tests for chimney liner systems. With HeatShield in place, it protects combustibles, repairing cracks, gaps, and missing joints, resurfacing the chimney, and relining completely.

How it Works

HeatShield® comes in powder form, so we don’t mix it until we’re ready to do the job. This prevents product waste and keeps prices low for our customers. Once we mix the product, we apply to the flue interior using a custom foam applicator pulled up the chimney interior by a hoist.

  • Joint Repair – The custom foam applicator is put into the chimney flue, and then it is put below the damaged portion of the liner. We then add the sealant mixture to the applicator and it is pulled upward. As it is pulled, HeatShield® Cerfractory® Flue Sealant is pressed into the gaps and voids, leaving behind a smooth surface as the foam blade applicator moves upward.
  • Resurfacing – For resurfacing,  we apply a layer of HeatShield® Cerfractory® Flue Sealant to the whole interior surface of the flue. In the same way as joint repairs, the applicator blade is placed this time at the bottom of the flue and pulled upward with a “tie coat” material. This process cleans the flue of dust and primes the walls for the HeatShield® product. The sealant is applied at 1/4” as the foam applicator is pulled upward again by the winch and the job is checked with video scanning.
  • CeCure® Sleeve Relining – When the chimney needs a total relining, we can do that too using HeatShield®. This process is similar to the others, though after HeatShield® is applied, a CeCure® Sleeve is pressed into the product, then sandwiched between another layer of HeatShield®. This sleeve is ceramic insulation, reinforced with stainless steel fabric, and when applied in this way, will work as a chimney liner for the life of your chimney and is safe for all fuel types!

If you’re looking to repair your liner without a full tear-out and relining, look no further than Anderson’s. We trust HeatShield®. Let us restore your liner today!

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