If you have a leak in your house, your first call may be to the handyman, or possibly a plumber. If your house has a chimney, this may be a call wasted! Your chimney is most likely the cause of your leak, no matter where the water makes its appearance.

Signs of Chimney Leaks

The most noticeable sign of a chimney leak is…a leak. Water dripping down into your home from the roofing system can be the first and surest sign of a chimney leak. The water can enter by way of the chimney and then travel through walls, ceilings, and floors until it meets the lowest point. It may pool and form a leak several feet or rooms away from the chimney. Unfortunately, chimney leaks are not often caught until this point because other signs are hidden from untrained eyes:

  • Sounds – Dripping in the fireplace is an indication of water, no matter if you can see it or not. An unseen drip is especially dangerous, though, because it affects hidden portions of the chimney system, and who knows for how long?
  • Stains – A chimney leak can make your masonry look different on the inside and the outside. If there are white stains on the outside of your chimney, it is a sign that water is passing through the masonry and leaving minerals on the outside. Rust stains at the top of the chimney also indicate a leak, usually a faulty chase cover or cap. Darkened masonry is also an indication of a leak. It may appear black, green, or just discolored, but it always indicates a problem.
  • Odors – Your fireplace may begin to stink of mildew or mold this summer, and that means there may be a leak. Not only do these odors mean your chimney is leaking, but it has been leaking long enough for bacteria to grow!
  • Malfunction – When parts of the chimney begin to stop working or efficiency drops, it’s time to call a professional. A chimney leak can cause the damper to rust and stop working. It can also cause buildup and a drop in efficiency, suddenly or over time.

Prevention and Treatment

Your chimney problems are treatable, and water damage can be repaired. At Anderson’s Chimney & Masonry Services, we specialize in both prevention and treatment. We perform chimney inspections for our customers in and around South Central Pennsylvania year-round. These routine appointments are essential for the safety and efficiency of every chimney. It’s our main goal that our neighbors and customers be safe and warm each winter.

When we do find damage, we can repair it promptly so that the damage doesn’t get worse, and your chimney system will be ready to use this fall and winter.

Whether your chimney is showing signs of a leak, or you just need to schedule your annual inspection, an Anderson’s chimney sweep is a phone call away. Dial 717-975-3526 or contact us online.

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