Your chimney could be leaking for awhile, and you did not realizes it. This is because a large portion of your system is unseen. Signs of a leak is also very hard to notice at first — like gradual staining or dripping. It’s extremely important for homeowners to get to know their system. Dripping doesn’t have to be seen. If you hear dripping coming from your system, it means you most likely have a leak.

Other signs of a chimney leak include stained masonry, a leak in another part of the house, moldy or mildewy odors, and a drop in efficiency of your system. If you have noticed any of these signs, you should call our experts!

Why a Dripping Chimney is a Problem

Is Your Fireplace Dripping this Season - South Central PA - Anderson's Chimney & Masonry ServicesWater can ruin a chimney system from the inside out. Minor damage can develop into a serious and expensive hazard later in the season. Water damage is made worse by cold temperatures because of the freeze/thaw cycle. The freeze/thaw cycle is the process in which the water enters the masonry through existing cracks, then freezes during cold temperatures. When water freezes, it expands, and if it’s in the masonry, it break apart the masonry.

When water melts, then it can move further into the damaged masonry and continues the process all winter long. If you have seen dripping, it could result in worst condition later. There could be cracked, crumbling, or falling brick, damaged parts, ruined walls and flooring in other rooms in your house. Don’t delay, call our experts right now to revolve your leaky chimney.

Diagnosing a Leaky Chimney

With our professionals on the job, we not only repair the water damage, but we also find the source of the leak. A leaky chimney is not obvious right away. Here are some signs that you should call a professional right away: visible dripping or signs of dripping after a routine sweep, discolored roof and walls, bubbled paint, mold and stains on the masonry, and noticeable missing parts.

Parts That Matter

The chimney cap, flashing, crown, and masonry need to be in a good shape to prevent water penetration. At Anderson’s, the first thing we check during a leaky chimney appointment is the flashing. It’s the most common culprit because it’s often installed incorrectly. We also check your cap or crown. If it’s none of these things, it’s most likely the masonry itself. It can become worn and damaged over time, and this allows water in. That’s why we offer waterproofing services to protect your masonry year after year with a vapor-permeable water repellent too!

Are you ready to have your chimney diagnosed? Anderson’s repairs leaky chimneys, call us today at (717) 975-3526 get started!

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