In South Central Pennsylvania, we not only take care of comprehensive chimney care, including inspections, sweeps, installations, liner repairs and replacements, preventative care, and more. We also specialize in masonry services that will keep your chimney working well and lasting year after year. Masonry Services We Offer - South Central PA - Andersons Chimney

Experienced Masons

At Anderson’s Chimney and Masonry Services, our chimney sweeps are also talented masons who can work with a variety of stonework, custom designs, and even badly damaged chimneys. Masonry work is no place to cut corners. When it comes to the structure of the chimney, it’s important to start and finish with the professionals. We offer all the masonry services necessary to keep your chimney working safely and efficiently.
Repointing and Tuckpointing – Cracking, crumbling, and falling masonry is called spalling masonry and may allow your chimney to take on water damage. If it isn’t repaired, the problem can worsen and result in serious winter damage that compromises safety and results in costly repairs. In order to repair spalling masonry, a chimney professional removes the affected bricks and mortar and replaces it with new mortar of equal strength, color, and consistency. If the mortar does not match the existing mortar, the chimney will end up weaker instead of stronger! Put your trust in the professionals who can complete the job and do it right.
Smoke Chamber Parge – The section of chimney just above the firebox and below the flue is called the smoke chamber. It’s an important space where the smoke rises and mingles with heat in order to rise up the chimney. It works properly because it has a smoke shelf that prevents smoke from falling back into the fireplace and has a sloped wall to direct the smoke into the flue. This wall should be smooth and slanted to a specific degree and will require a parge to repair it when the bricks are exposed and slant is incorrect. An Anderson technician will apply insulating refractory mortar to the smoke chamber walls to restore it to safety and keep it up to code.
Mortar Crowns – One of the most important parts of the chimney system acts as a roof to the chimney and is easily constructed and repaired — when completed by a professional. Mortar crown repair is easy when the chimney is regularly maintained by a professional. Not only can we construct a new chimney crown, but we can repair your crown when damage is caught early.
Waterproofing Services – At Anderson’s, we treat masonry with ChimneySaver to protect the masonry from water penetration year after year. In fact, ChimneySaver comes with a ten year manufacturer warranty, keeping water molecules from getting in, while still allowing gases and heat out.

You don’t have to waste time and money on chimney repairs when you choose the company that values resources. Our technicians are experienced and trained to make the most of our appointments, complete repairs, and services quickly, and insure your safety in the process.

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