Many homeowners don’t realize the danger of an dryer vent that is not maintained. Most buy their clothes dryer, have it delivered, hook it up, and proceed to use it year after year. That is. until it needs to be replaced. In reality, this is not the best use of the machine – and not the safest!

Why Clean Dryer Vents?

Your clothes dryer works to dry your clothes. However, the vent works to carry heated air, lint, and moisture out of the system. This means cleaning your lint trap is not enough when you use your appliance year after year. Microscopic lint passes through and builds up in the piping, and can become a dangerous hazard. Besides being a fire hazard, a clogged vent can bring down the productivity of your dryer, too.

  • Does your dryer take more than one cycle to dry a load of clothes?
    If your dryer vent is less than three years old, it should dry an appropriately-sized load in one cycle. Many homeowners assume their dryer is worn out at this point. On the contrary, manufacturers say that clothes dryers are designed to last 10 years! If your dryer is less than three years old and takes more than one cycle to dry a load, you need a dryer vent cleaning – and probably soon.
  • Is there condensation and lint on your walls after drying?
    Condensation and lint should be carried outside through the dryer vent. If it is released into your home, the moisture can damage your wall coverings, lead to mold growth, and can cause respiratory issues in family members. If there is moisture from your dryer, there is also microscopic lint particles in the air you’re breathing.
  • Was your dryer vent professionally installed?
    Many homeowners simply attach the flexible vent hose to the dryer and consider it done, but this is not even up to code in many residential areas. Only a professional knows that a dryer vent should not exceed 25 feet, and that every 90 degree turn accounts for 5 feet. Only a professional knows the proper way to connect vent pipes, which should attach to the dryer, and which should run to the outside. Not only should a professional install your dryer vent, but should service it regularly.

When you have your dryer vent cleaned by a C-DET certified professional, you will save money on new appliances and on utilities. When you run a clothes dryer two-to-three times for one load, it shortens the life of your dryer by two-to-three times. It also uses more electricity than necessary, costing you in the short-term, and the long-run.

Don’t just hire anyone to clean your dryer vents. Your dryer will be safer and more efficient when a certified professional installs and cleans the dryer venting system. Now is the time to schedule your dryer vent cleaning. Most dryer vent fires occur in January, and most happen overnight when families run the dryer while they sleep.

Keep your family and your home safe this winter!

  • Don’t run your clothes dryer overnight.
  • Install smoke alarms and check batteries regularly.
  • Have your dryer vents cleaned at least every 12 months.
  • Clean your lint trap regularly and do not overfill appliance.

Anderson’s Chimney is dedicated to household safety for all of our customers in South Central Pennsylvania. We offer dryer vent cleaning and chimney services year-round. Call Anderson’s at 717-975-3526 and rest assured that your dryer vent is clean and safe this winter.

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