After a long winter of burning fires in your fireplace, your firebox may need some revitalization. The firebox is the part of the entire chimney system which endures the most abuse, yet receives the least attention. Your firebox is vital to not only the function of your heat system, but also the safety of your home. It holds the fire in its place, and if it fails, the result can be catastrophic.

The Faulty Fireplace

Many firebox issues come from faulty construction. If they are initially installed using the wrong materials or formed incorrectly, they will neither hold the fire and heat properly, nor vent the smoke. The firebox even radiates heat into the room, much the same way that a flashlight sends light out in a path. When constructed and maintained properly, the firebox should prevent heat transfer to the building materials of the home, direct the best draft up and out of the chimney, and radiate heat into the living space.

Common Fireplace Damage and Dangers

Over time, the firebox will take on damage. The brick can weaken or loosen over time, especially if the system isn’t properly maintained. The mortar can disintegrate, allowing heat transfer into a home and leading to even more damage. Firebox damage is preventable when you schedule annual chimney inspections. During an inspection, your chimney sweep will note damage big and small that can lead to major problems in the future. A minor repair now can save you serious issues, costs, and loss in the future.

Schedule Spring Services Now

Having your fireplace rebuild should be added to your spring to-do list. If you use your tax refund to do this, you can be investing in the future and value of your home, as well as staying out of unnecessary debt. And, rebuilding a faulty firebox will keep your chimney system working efficiently, saving you money next winter and helping to keep your family safe. Scheduling in the spring will also give your chimney sweep time to work with you if you’d like completely new masonry, designs, or a fireplace upgrade. When you hire Anderson’s Chimney & Masonry Services, you will get our full attention until the job is done. It’s our goal that all of our customers in South Central Pennsylvania are safe and comfortable every winter, and this safety starts with your firebox. Schedule in spring and avoid the fall rush, allow time for the rebuild, an inspection, and any necessary repairs on the rest of your system.

We are experts. At Anderson’s, our lead masons have over 15 years of experience in the chimney industry. Not only are we determined to give you a finished product you’ll be happy with, but we also build fireboxes, fireplaces, and chimneys we can be proud of. Look no further than Anderson’s for your spring masonry rebuild.

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