Many homeowners have a fireplace in the home specifically to save them money. Using a fireplace to help with zone heating and to curb costs for central heating can be a great asset, butcap-copper-multi-topmount not many homeowners realize the fireplace may actually be costing them. If you have an old masonry chimney, you likely have an equally old metal throat damper. These dampers can help you light and control your fire when the fireplace is in use but is likely costing you dearly every other time, and especially through the summer.

The Problem with Throat Dampers

Your old throat damper gets the job done. It helps to open and close the flue as needed. The problem is that the throat damper doesn’t have a tight seal, leaving space between it and the masonry for air to flow around it. Sometimes small animals can get passed the throat damper as well. In all, they do exactly what is necessary to “dampen” the fire, to slow airflow, but there are more efficient options today that do the job of the damper while also saving bucketloads of cash through the year.

Top Mount Damper

The top mount damper is an energy saver. It saves so much energy that it is also dubbed the energy saving damper. Instead of the base of the chimney like the throat damper, the top mount damper is installed at the top of the flue. It actually sits exactly where the chimney cap would normally go, and while it is open, it operates exactly as a chimney cap would. It keeps water, weather, and animals out of the chimney, while also suppressing sparks from the fire. The only difference between the top mount damper and the chimney cap is that the damper can be closed by pulling a cord inside the house (located at the hearth). When the top mount damper is closed, it has an airtight seal—nothing in or out. With this type of security homeowners can save up to 75 percent on utilities because conditioned air will not escape through the chimney during the summer, heat will not escape during the winter, and drafts will not confuse your thermostat. If you have gone all this time with just a chimney cap and throat damper, your chimney system has never known this type of protection.

Protection From the Top-Down

Your new top mount damper will protect your chimney from the top. No amount of water or animal tampering will make this airtight seal budge. Humidity, air pressure, and stormy winds will penetrate it to affect your flue. When the fireplace is done for the offseason, the entire chimney can be closed off to prevent water damage, animal intrusion, and more. The top mount damper will save your money on energy, yes, but it will also PREVENT costly damage as well.

Don’t wait. If your damper needs to be replaced, replace it with a top mount damper. If your cap needs to be replaced, opt for a top mount damper instead. We have exactly the product for you and the tech to get it installed and ready to use.

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