Every fireplace, appliance, and chimney needs regular maintenance, or you could be facing some life threatening situations. Routine maintenance helps to keep your chimney system working properly, and it also helps to prevent deterioration, leaks, and winter damage. By preventing damage and fire, you can save yourself substantial costs and risks by scheduling a chimney inspection.

Routine Maintenance

chimney sweep at workChimney Sweeping is the cleaning of your chimney system. This should occur at regularly depending on your fuel type, how often you use your system, and the recommendations from your chimney professional. Your homeowner’s insurance policy may cover chimney sweeps as well.

Whatever your family determines, it is best for your chimney to get hire a professional to clean your chimney at least every 12 months. This keeps the air flowing better and your chimney venting properly. During a chimney sweep, a certified professional use brushes and a vacuuming system to clear away creosote, soot, and other debris from the inside of your chimney system. This includes the firebox, smoke chamber, and flue. In addition, many chimney sweeps also include a level one inspection.

Chimney Inspection

Chimney Inspections  is a CSIA inspection for a thorough assessment and diagnosis of the chimney system including the appliance, fireplace, and connections. Level one is should be an annual happening, and you need it when no changes or problems have occurred with the system. It is a visual inspection of the interior and exterior of the system. A level-two inspection should happen when changes have been made to the system, or when you encounter problems. A level three inspection happens when a hazard is detected beyond what the eyes can see.

When to Schedule Services

Many homeowners maintain a standing appointment for chimney inspection annually. It may occur in the spring to diagnose and repair winter damage or to avoid odors during the off-season. Many homeowners like to schedule their inspection before fall, so that it’s ready for burn season. Other times to schedule an inspection are the following:

  • after replacing your heating appliance
  • when filing an insurance claim
  • after selling or transferring the property
  • when you detect a problem in the system (i.e. smoky fireplace, difficult-to-light fire, carbon monoxide intrusion, leaks)

Call the Professionals Right Away

It is important to get your chimney inspected as soon as you detect a problem. Minor damage can lead to major problems including serious health complications and house fire. At Anderson’s, we go a step further than other chimney sweeps, we inspect the interior of the system with video surveillance equipment at all levels. This means more accurate diagnosis, a detailed repair plan, and documentation for your records and insurance.

Contact Anderson’s Chimney and Masonry Services today, and we’ll ensure your system is ready for winter and safe for use. Need an inspection before the New Year? Call today at 717-500-8386.

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