Many things can happen to your chimney that may require repairs throughout its life. Before you get overwhelmed with possibilities, consider an easier, hassle-free repair with HeatShield.

A Name We Trust

At Anderson’s Chimney & Masonry Services, we only offer the best in services and products for our customers. That is why we trust HeatShield with your chimney. HeatShield’s cerfractory technology is the perfect combination of ceramic and refractory material, making it heat resistant and long lasting. It has been tested and was found compliant with all aspects of performance tests for Chimney Liner Systems. If it wasn’t safe, we wouldn’t trust it inside your chimney!

Chimney Liner Repairs

HeatShield makes chimney liner repairs quick and easy. Using this industrial product, we can repair gaps and damage to the joints, resurface the existing liner, or install a CeCure® Sleeve liner.

Joint Repairs

First, we install a custom-fitted foam applicator blade positioned below the affected gap or void. Then, the HeatShield product is mixed and added to the applicator. HeatShield comes in powder form and is mixed according to each job so that it isn’t wasted, and you’re not overcharged. Finally, the applicator is pulled upward, and the gap is filled with the product and made smooth by the fitted blade.


For cracked or spalled flues, the resurfacing system is used. The same applicator is custom sized to fit your chimney and filled with the HeatShield cerfractory sealant. The applicator is placed at the bottom of the chimney and attached to a winch at the top opening of the flue. First, a “tie coat” is applied to the flue to clean or prime it. Then, cerfractory sealant is applied to the flue in the same way at about ¼ inch thickness.

CeCure Sleeve Relining

If your flue is in need of a new liner, HeatShield can do that too. In the same fashion, the flue is covered in cerfractory sealant, then a custom-fitted CeCure Sleeve is lowered into the flue. This sleeve is pressed firmly against the cerfractory sealant when the applicator is lowered back to the bottom of the flue. The CeCure sleeve is a high-density, low profile ceramic insulation sleeve, reinforced with stainless steel fabric. This sleeve is sandwiched between two layers of cerfractory sealant when the applicator is pulled up once again, applying the last coat of HeatShield to the flue.

Once the job is complete, your installer will verify repairs and completion with video surveillance. At Anderson’s, we are a factory-trained HeatShield dealer, and we want you to get the best products and services without added hassle. HeatShield allows us to get the job done efficiently and get you back to your life.

Have you noticed that you have clay tile pieces in your fireplace? Did a chimney professional report damage to your flue? It’s time to call a professional for repairs so that you can be ready for the first fire this fall.

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