As the fireplace is lit this season, it’s important to keep it working well and safely. Many homeowners don’t realize all the things that can affect the fireplace and chimney system until it’s too late. Every single part of the chimney system is important for safe and efficient function. When one part is missing or damaged, a lot can go wrong.Stop Rain With a Chimney Cap -  South Central PA - Andersons Chimney

The Cap

The chimney cap may be the most overlooked part of the system. Many older homes don’t even have a chimney cap, and homeowners don’t even connect the missing cap with their chimney issues. When the cap is damaged or missing, it can contribute to chimney problems including:
-difficult-to-light fires
-smoky conditions
-chimney leaks

The chimney cap has a few jobs, and all of them help your chimney work properly. The cap directs wind away from the flue opening, deters wildlife from entering the chimney, and keeps water from penetrating the system from the top. Without a cap, water falls directly into the system when it rains, sleets, or snows. Throughout a whole season or even an entire year, a chimney without a cap can take on large amounts of water that can lead to serious damage.

Water Damage

When water penetrates the chimney system, it can lead to extensive damage from the inside out — damage that is costly and can take time to repair. Water damage  can look like rust on parts, assemblies, doors, and hinges; deterioration of assemblies, central heating system, interior and exterior mortar, and flue liner; stains; and more.

Year-Round Protection

The cap continues to work even when the fireplace isn’t in use. Chimney caps are important during spring and summer to protect against seasonal weather as well as nesting wildlife. When looking over your own chimney cap periodically, take note of torn or damaged mesh. This part of the cap is what keeps animals out. The “roof” of the cap is what protects against rain. Your cap can take one step further and protect the chimney with an air-tight seal.

Top-Mount Damper

The top-mount damper, or energy-saving damper is a damper system that is mounted at the top of the chimney. It works as a cap and a damper, is composed of durable and long-lasting stainless steel, and saves our customers money in heating and cooling bills.

Stainless-Steel Caps

Our stainless-steel caps are the favorite among our customers due to the cost, but also the lifetime warranty and beautiful color that doesn’t corrode, tarnish, or rust. Though the natural silver is popular, these caps can also be power-coated in various colors to better compliment your property. Colors are available in ivory, tan, green, copper, brown, gray, and black.

Copper Caps

Copper chimney caps naturally enhance brickwork and can be clear-coated to maintain the original color, or you can choose to let the cap turn patina green. Copper caps are an ageless favorite, but require regular maintenance to stay beautiful. Copper caps are also more expensive than other options, but are heavier and more durable.

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