Summer is drawing to a close, but there is still time to get things done before cool weather hits. When October arrives, chimney sweep companies will be busy until January–a time called the fall rush. You can get all your chimney work completed before this time and save yourself a headache. When you’re looking for a fireplace upgrade, summer is the best time. Summer offers the best benefits when it comes to fireplace upgrades, but it isn’t the only time you can work on your fireplace and chimney.

Avoid Service Interruptions by Scheduling Now

In the winter, you will need to stop using your fireplace for 24 hours before a chimney sweep works on it. This can leave you in the cold if you depend on the fireplace for even supplemental heat. Schedule your fireplace upgrade during the summer and avoid this type of interruption.

Allow More Time for the Best Selection

By using the last few weeks of summer to complete your fireplace upgrade, you allow a few weeks to get the job done right. That means you won’t rush important decisions while you plan your update with your favorite expert chimney sweep. You can browse the options available and find the one that best suits your home, needs, and personality.

Allow Time for Repairs and Inspection

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, a chimney system requires an inspection if changes are made to the system. That means when your new fireplace is installed and the job is complete, you still need an inspection. This inspection will identify any weaknesses or damages to the chimney system that can put your family at risk and lead to damage, fire, or decreased efficiency. A summer upgrade leaves time for an inspection and possible repairs before cold weather and the fall rush.

Begin Your Summer Fireplace Upgrade NOW

You can begin your search for the perfect fireplace now, by visiting our fireplace store or browsing the types of fireplaces available. At Anderson’s we sell and install the best products in the industry:

All of these products offer a beautiful fire, high efficiency, and a variety of designs for you to choose from. Regardless of which fireplace you choose, you will need time to have it installed and inspected following installation. Summer is a great time to get the job done, and then rest easy knowing the system is ready for burn season.

Once your fireplace is installed and ready for fall, you can begin to prepare for burn season by gathering and storing properly seasoned wood and brushing up on your fireplace safety.

To speak with a fireplace and chimney expert about your fireplace plans for the summer, contact Anderson’s Chimney online or by phone at 717-975-3526.

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