Chimney caps are not just functional but can be beautiful when matched to the design of your home and chimney. Stainless steel and copper chimney caps are too-often overlooked as cosmetic, but they’re actually a wise investment—a preventative measure.

Your Chimney Cap Will Lengthen Your Chimney’s Life

Top 3 Benefits of Capping Your Chimney Image - South Central PA - Anderson's Chimney & Masonry ServicesChimney caps are a vital preventative measure that protects your chimney from damage. It caps the top, keeping rain and snow out of the flue opening. Snow and rain can damage the masonry chimney from the inside out. The cap’s mesh cage deters animals from seeking shelter in the warm flue in the winter and nesting in the spring. Animals in the chimney can leave flammable debris in the flue, which can block airflow or ignite. They can also scratch and damage the flue liner as well as suffocate and die, blocking airflow and even causing foul odors to permeate the chimney system and the home. Without a chimney cap, it will be necessary to hire a chimney sweep to remove animals, repair damage, and more. It’s cheaper to have a chimney cap installed correctly and to assess it annually at your CSIA chimney inspection.

Your Chimney Cap Will Save You Money

Without a chimney cap, your chimney is susceptible to weather, animals, and drafts that can affect your system’s efficiency. When you have a cap installed by a professional, it will be installed in a way that deters the wind from blowing down your chimney. Without the cap during burn season, a downdraft can affect your fire, can push smoke into the house, and can lower efficiency in general, meaning the fire has to work harder to produce the same amount of heat. Without the cap during the off-season, the flue can become a wind tunnel, pulling warm air into the house, or allowing conditioned air to escape. You can save on utilities by installing a chimney cap, but installing a top-sealing damper saves even more money.

Your Chimney Cap Prevents Roof Fires

Believe it or not, an unruly fire can throw sparks and cinders up the chimney and out the flue. These sparks can ignite the leaves and debris on the roof if left unchecked. The mesh cage beneath the cap catches these sparks, preventing them from leaving the system and igniting the roof. Ideally, the sparks hit the metal mesh and fall back into the chimney.


The chimney cap is one of the most cost-effective ways to prevent water, wind, and wildlife from entering the chimney system. It’s important to understand what makes your chimney susceptible to damage, how to spot it, and what to do to prevent it. The best way to do this is to schedule routine service appointments with a certified professional.

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