It’s no secret that the fireplace is a holiday favorite. The crackling fireplace lends itself to family story time with cookies and cocoa. The hearth is the perfect backdrop for family photos. The mantle is home for all the stockings, and the warmth seeps into hearts all season long. How can you shift your summer fireplace into holiday mode? What do we recommend to take your hearth from the off-season to the most festive season of the year? As always, safety first, and also, have fun.

Holiday DecorUpdate your mantel for the holidays
You can decorate your fireplace for the season as long as you do it safely. Ask a professional about hanging a holiday print or a wreath from the masonry itself. It is often safe, but you shouldn’t hang anything from the masonry without consulting an expert. Don’t have a mantel? Ask about having one installed to hold your stockings, garland, nativity, and more. While you’re planning your holiday hearth, make sure you always make safety a priority.

1. Choose decorations that don’t just match the season. Choose decorations which compliment your home decor, the shape of your fireplace, the style of your mantel, and more. There are many websites and photos online to use during your planning stages. Not sure you like your mantel? Maybe you don’t have a mantel at all! Many modern fireplaces don’t have a mantel. Don’t worry, because Anderson’s installs mantels.
2. Avoid using decorations that require electricity unless you have enough outlets. You never want to overcrowd power strips, outlets, or extension cords. It can also be a fire hazard to have extension cords hanging from the mantel and near to the fire. There are even many battery-operated decorations which use a battery pack instead of a plug. These types of decorations are growing in popularity among homeowners.
3. Properly secure all of your mantel decorations, as well as those near to your hearth. Use staples, nails, and products specifically designed for this purpose. Avoid using products which use glue or other adhesive, because the heat of the fireplace will cause them to fail. If your hook fails and your garland falls into the fireplace, your beautiful holiday decor will be ruined and you may have a devastating fire on your hands.

When you put safety first, you can have a beautiful holiday hearth this season, and stay safe. Make sure you involve a professional if you have any doubts or safety concerns. A perfectly decorated mantel can help your fireplace to be the focal point of the home this season, a backdrop for festivities and family photos, and more.

Not sure the fireplace is the picture perfect fireplace you dreamed of? We can help. At Anderson’s we upgrade, update, and renovate fireplaces. We can transform your old fireplace by replacing it completely, or simply installing stylish custom doors. Whatever your budget allows, we can certainly help!

The fireplace itself, and the mantel, get a lot of attention at this time of year, but don’t forget the rest of the chimney. While Anderson’s is in the home, we can complete a standard inspection so that you can rest assured that your entire chimney system is safe and efficient all winter long.

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