Now that spring has finally arrived, you may have noticed April showers bringing obvious chimney damage. Winter damage is quite common, even among chimneys that are well-constructed. The average homeowner won’t notice water in the chimney until substantial damage has occurred. Most of the chimney system is hidden, and only a trained professional knows where to look for a chimney leak. Make sure you schedule chimney inspections annually so that chimney leaks are found right away. At Anderson’s Chimney, our team works where to look for chimney leaks and stop it in its track!

Signs of a Leaky Chimney

rainbow outside a windowThe most obvious signs of a leak may not be obvious at all, because you may attribute it to other problems in the home. A leak in any area of the home is most likely coming from your chimney, but many homeowners and even general contractors blame it on the roof or plumbing. In the same way, odors of mildew or mold are often attributed to other things in the home, but they might actually be caused by a wet chimney. If you smell mildew or mold in your house, you should call a chimney professional! If you have a leak in a ceiling or wall, call a chimney professional! It is likely that there is already substantial damage behind-the-scenes. If your masonry chimney is taking on water, it can destroy it from the inside out.

Your Leaky Chimney

Your chimney is designed to do a specific job (to vent the fireplace) while also doing another important job (keep water out of the chimney/fire). If your chimney fails to do this job, your fire will not burn properly. It can also cause parts of your chimney to malfunction, and your house will suffer. In order for your chimney to work safely and efficiently and your home protected from unnecessary damage, it’s important to recognize a leaky chimney, schedule repairs, and prevent recurrence.

Trust the Professionals

Contact Anderson’s Chimney & Masonry Services to protect your chimney system from water damage now. We not only diagnose leaky chimneys, but we can pinpoint the entry point and repair it. Many amateurs will repair the damage only, but we restore the chimney fully. When you work with us, we will prevent the system from damage, and it will be ready for use this fall.

We’re licensed, certified, and insured. We’re South Central Pennsylvania’s chosen chimney professionals since 1990, and we commit to provide the highest level of service for our customers and neighbors in the area. If you reside in our service area and suspect your chimney system is leaking during heavy rainfall or other time, call us at 717-500-8536 today!

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