Benefits of HeatShield

Benefits of HeatShieldThe chimney system is made of many working parts to do a very important job. The chimney keeps the home safe and the fire burning when there is a fireplace, stove, or other fire appliance in the home. It’s a vent, and all the parts need to work correctly in order for it to work safely and efficiently. Over the years, industry professionals have perfected technologies to make chimney maintenance and repairs easier, cheaper, and more effective. HeatShield® is the most advanced system that offers system restorations including creosote removal, chimney repair and linings, and smoke chamber repair.

HeatShield® Cerfractory® Technology

This HeatShield® product is a combination of ceramic and refractory material which utilizes the strength of ceramic and the heat resistance of refractory cement to repair chimneys without extreme measures. HeatShield cerfractory sealant is mixed from a powder product so that no product is wasted, and it’s applied only by a qualified professional. Once mixed, HeatShield cerfractory sealant is applied to a custom-sized foam applicator blade and pulled upward, depositing the sealant onto the chimney walls.

Creosote Removal

Level 3 creosote buildup, also called “glazed” creosote, is difficult to remove through regular chimney sweeping measures. Using HeatShield’s Poultice Creosote Remover (PCR), a professional can easily remove glazed creosote from flue tiles, smoke chamber walls, and fireplaces. Once PCR absorbs the creosote it can be removed with a regular chimney sweep.

Chimney Repair

Of all the things that may go wrong with even a well-constructed chimney, liners and joint issues are quite common and can lead to a drop in efficiency and safety risk. HeatShield’s chimney liner repair system allows a professional to repair just the damaged area by placing the foam applicator below the affected area. In order to resurface the whole chimney flue, the foam applicator is placed at the base of the flue and pulled upward, applying HeatShield to the entire surface.

Chimney Relining

HeatShield’s relining system utilizes a CeCure® Sleeve to reinforce the sealant. Your chimney professional will first apply a “tie” coat to clean the chimney, then apply HeatShield Cerfractory Sealant. A CeCure® Sleeve is placed into the flue and pressed into the sealant as the applicator is sent back down to the base of the flue. This thin, ceramic sleeve is reinforced with stainless steel fabric and sandwiched between sealant. Once the relining is dry, the lining is safe for use with all fuel types, is as durable as a stainless-steel liner, and comes with a 20-year limited warranty.

Smoke Chamber Repairs

The smoke chamber becomes damaged over time and should be repaired if bricks are exposed. HeatShield’s smoke chamber repair system restores the smoke chamber to seal gaps, smooth surfaces, repair masonry, and raise efficiency and safety.

When it’s time to make chimney repairs, you may end up spending more money than necessary if you hire an amateur. A professional chimney sweep who is a certified HeatShield dealer can make repairs faster and cheaper with HeatShield.

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