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Your inspection may be the most important thing you do for your chimney system this year. It keeps your chimney safe and working efficiently, saving you money in heating and cooling costs and possible damages. It’s like having your oil changed to prolong the life of your car. Your chimney system is designed to work longer than any car. Your chimney system should last a lifetime–but only with routine care and maintenance.

Chimney InspectionsWhat To Expect During an Inspection - South Central PA - Andersons

Chimney inspections are recommended by both the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Chimney Sweeping Institute of America (CSIA). Chimneys that are inspected annually are more efficient and safer than those which aren’t, and they also see more costly problems throughout the year. When you buy a home with a chimney system, or have one installed, you can expect to schedule inspections every 12 months.

Your Anderson’s Chimney Inspection

When you schedule your inspection with Anderson’s you can schedule anytime, and we also encourage forward-scheduling. You can schedule now for a summer inspection! We’ll get you on the books and we will even remind you when it’s closer to your appointment time. Our technicians show up on time and in a clearly marked company vehicle and shirt to put your mind at ease.
First, we’ll need you to direct us to your fireplace opening. We will use drop cloths and tarps to protect floors and anything else that needs it, and then get started. We’ll use special tools and tricks to gain visual access to the most hidden portions of your chimney. Using digital cameras, lights, and mirrors, we are able to inspect the flue itself, checking for gaps, cracks, and missing joints in the liner. Through this method, and by visually inspecting the fireplace and chimney exterior we can determine the soundness of the system. Our technicians will let you know definitively if your chimney is in violation of any codes and can recommend a course of action right away. Your inspection will include a written report with photos if necessary. These you can present to your homeowners insurance company or keep for your records.

Three Levels for Thoroughness

At Anderson’s Chimney we follow the model set forth by CSIA, providing three levels of inspection to best serve our customers, save them money, and provide the best assessment possible.
Level One – Described above, this assessment is a visible inspection only. It covers all the readily accessible portions of the chimney, and Anderson’s takes it one step further by gathering digital video footage. A level one inspection is required annually when the system hasn’t changed and when there have been no problems.
Level Two – This inspection includes all in a level one, and accessible portions of the chimney interior and exterior by way of attics, crawlspaces, and basements. Special attention will be given to clearances from combustibles in these accessible locations. If we suspect a hazard at this level of inspection, we’ll recommend a level three inspection, the only inspection which may include the removal of components or parts.

No matter what we find, we will not proceed with a more thorough level of inspection or repair without reporting back to you, the homeowner.

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