All winter long, your chimney system has worked hard to keep the weather out such as rain, snow, sleet, and wind. The chimney is designed to work properly when environmental influences are kept out. What prevents winter weather from entering your chimney  also prevent nesting animals out this spring–chimney caps. If your chimney doesn’t have a cap, your chimney is highly susceptible to damage all year long.

The Many Jobs of the Cap

Your chimney cap serves as a roof for your flue. It sits at the top of the flue opening, and it extends outward so that water runs off the cap and onto the crown below. From the crown, the water drips down onto the flashing. This system keeps water from contacting the masonry or falling into the flue. Without the cap, rainwater, snow, and sleet have a direct entry into the flue. In addition to keeping water out, the chimney cap also prevents wind from affecting your fires. A chimney cap also keeps sparks from escaping the flue while keeping small animals and birds from entering.

Protect Your Flue This Spring With a Cap

Having a chimney cap is essential, especially during this time of year. Spring brings heavy rainfall, which can cause serious water damage to your chimney system and home. This is also the time of year that animals seek shelter in warm, dry spaces for nesting.

  • Without a cap, birds may fly into the flue and nest. Chimney swifts, which are protected and cannot be removed until they leave on their own. These tiny birds can get through a small tear in your chimney cap screen and can make a big racket. By the time they leave, they will have left nesting materials, feathers, and droppings inside your chimney system.
  • Without a cap, small critters can climb into your flue. Anything that can climb onto your roof can also climb into your flue. These animals may obstruct the flue, and they may also suffocate and die. While they are inside your flue, they could also scratch and damage the liner and leave fur and droppings behind.

At Anderson’s Chimney and Masonry Services, we want every chimneys to be safe and more functional. We believe having a chimney cap in place will help! Our customers will find their fires burn better and chimneys last longer with a cap in place.

Scheduling chimney sweeps and inspections are also essential for safe and efficient chimney systems, according to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). We offer both sweeps and inspections year-round. Call Anderson’s at 717-500-8306 today to speak to an expert about a chimney cap, service, or to diagnose any problems!

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