• Have you ever had a chimney fire? Are you sure? We’ve been to customers homes that had…

  • As professionals in the chimney industry, it’s important to us that our customers know…

  • A chimney inspection is really necessary at least once per year. Many homeowners prefer…

  • A historic chimney is the pride of many older homes in Harrisburg, Camp Hill and all of south central PA. However, these chimneys need care and repairs to keep them in excellent condition. Working with Anderson’s Chimney & Masonry Services can revitalize your old chimney.

  • Your chimney does an important job of ventilating your home and keeping it protected. Many chimneys have additional components, like a chimney cap, to ensure the chimney can function properly. A chimney cap is an attachment that covers the top of your chimney to protect it from various outside forces.

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