Chimney and Masonry Services in Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Our trained and certified technicians at Anderson's Chimney & Masonry Services can ensure your system is well-maintained all year round. We inspect, sweep, repair and install chimneys and other heating systems in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. 

Best Chimney and Masonry Experts in Carlisle

Anderson's Chimney & Masonry Services is the company to trust when you need chimney or masonry help. Since 1990, we've provided a full range of services, including chimney sweeping in Carlisle. Each staff member is certified through the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and completes 100 hours of annual training to stay updated with the industry's latest codes, standards and technologies.

Advantages of Hiring Reliable Professionals

Maintaining ideal conditions for your fireplace and other appliances requires the proper equipment and hours of labor. Our technicians are equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools to handle various tasks for you with detail-oriented and protective methods. Some benefits of hiring experts for your chimney and masonry services include:

  • Better protection: The buildup of creosote in chimneys is one of the leading causes of home fires. Our professional chimney sweeping removes this debris and other soot or ash to protect you and your family better.
  • Improved air quality: A chimney without a buildup of insulative materials allows better air circulation. The enhanced airflow lets smoke and carbon monoxide flow out of your home correctly.
  • More efficient heating: Chimney sweep services allow your cleared chimney to work at peak performance. After our services, your appliance can foster a better flame and reduce the energy needed to burn fossil fuels or wood. 

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Our High-Quality Chimney and Masonry Services 

At Anderson's Chimney & Masonry Services, some common things our experts look for during an inspection include a buildup of creosote, moisture, structural issues, unwanted mold growth and pests. We provide an accurate diagnosis and deliver the solutions you need with our chimney repairs. Altogether, we offer the following services:

  • Inspection: Our team is trained to perform chimney inspections on all kinds of wood, oil and gas-burning appliances.
  • Sweeping: We can sweep your chimney to cut back on creosote, soot, ash and debris risks, helping protect your family and home. 
  • Gas service: Our specialists can perform gas services such as an inspection or maintenance to ensure your hearth appliance works efficiently.
  • Leaking repair: We can identify the cause and effect of gathered moisture and perform leaky chimney repairs to resolve the issue.
  • Masonry repair and restoration: Our professionals can complete masonry repair and restoration for various styles of fireboxes. 
  • Chimney and furnace flue relining: We can offer you chimney and furnace flue relining with high-quality, durable materials.
  • Cap installation: Our technicians can install a chimney cap in a wide array of sizes, shapes, materials and colors. 
  • Stove and fireplace insertion: We can insert a wood, gas or pellet-burning stove or fireplace into your home.

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Enjoy the easy and convenient way to maintain your chimney when you hire the experts at Anderson's Chimney & Masonry Services. We're here to inspect, sweep, repair and install with our chimney and masonry services in Carlisle and Central Pennsylvania. To request an appointment, contact us online today!

National Standards

As certified sweeps, we are held to national standards of the NFPA. NFPA 211 for wood burning, NFPA 54 for gas appliances and NFPA 31 for oil appliances. All of our work is always conducted professionally and in compliance with these and any other local government codes that apply. Our professional opinions will be based on our experience and education.

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