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Regular Inspections & Maintenance = Safety

A chimney is an integral component of a home's heating system. These installations naturally acquire a buildup of chemicals with each use, so they need regular inspections and maintenance to stay operational. With experience stretching back to 1990, Anderson's Chimney & Masonry Services certified chimney professionals provide the expertise you need to enjoy a clean living environment all year round. 

Benefits of Regular Inspections and Chimney Sweeping

Regular inspections and professional chimney services provide homeowners with these advantages:

  • Better safety: Creosote buildup is one of the leading causes of chimney fires. To help protect your family and home, the National Fire Protection Association recommends having an inspection and chimney sweeping at least once a year to remove the chemicals and associated odors.
  • Increased efficiency: Buildup removal can produce an optimal draft for efficient heating. Debris has insulative properties, so removing it allows wood stoves to impart more heat into a room. 
  • Corrosion prevention: Debris is also acidic, so it should be removed regularly to protect a chimney's mortar and metal. In addition, a clean surface can reveal any damage or deterioration needing repairs over time. 

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Best Methods of Our Professional Chimney Services

Our trained technicians have certifications through the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and stay up to date with the latest technologies to deliver the following services:

  • Protective preparation: Our detail-oriented professionals carefully prepare the area before servicing your chimney. We conceal the area with sheeting and seal off the chimney to ensure no dust or debris enters your living space, keeping your home precisely how we found it.
  • Sweeping and vacuuming: Depending on the type of flue you have, we use specialty brushes attached to long fiberglass rods to remove any creosote, ash, soot and debris manually. After sweeping the furnace flue and chimney, we use a professional-grade three-filter vacuum to remove any remaining particles. 
  • Power cleaning: If a large amount of glazed creosote accumulates in the flue, we may discuss a need to complete power cleaning before proceeding. This process requires using a specially equipped drill with a few links of chain attached to the end to remove buildup.
  • Poultice removal: During an initial visit, we use a winch to pull a special brush through the flue to apply a coat of a product called Poultice Creosote Remover (PCR), which dissolves and absorbs the creosote, then flakes off for easy collection. During the second appointment, we remove the leftover PCR.

In business for over 30 years, Anderson’s Chimney & Masonry provides a variety of professional Chimney Sweep Services in:

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Hire the Experts at Anderson's Chimney & Masonry Services

Preserve the safety of your home and family with clean chimneys. If you're ready to book your annual inspection or regular chimney maintenance service, schedule an appointment with our chimney sweeps today!

National Standards

As certified sweeps, we are held to national standards of the NFPA. NFPA 211 for wood burning, NFPA 54 for gas appliances and NFPA 31 for oil appliances. All of our work is always conducted professionally and in compliance with these and any other local government codes that apply. Our professional opinions will be based on our experience and education.

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