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The professionals at Anderson's Chimney & Masonry Services are here to put your mind at ease this winter. Prepare your Harrisburg home for the cold by scheduling our chimney and masonry services any time of the year. We've serviced chimneys in Harrisburg and throughout Central Pennsylvania since 1990. Request service today! 

Experienced Chimney Technicians at Your Service

When you choose Anderson's Chimney & Masonry Services, you can light your first fire of the season with total confidence. Why? We're the premier chimney and masonry service provider in the Harrisburg area. You can count on us for the excellent quality of work and courtesy you expect when inviting a technician into your home.

We have decades of experience helping Harrisburg residents like you feel more comfortable at home, knowing their chimney is in excellent condition. We employ a team of in-house technicians certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) to provide timely, effective services. Each employee receives over 100 hours of training to perfect their craft and satisfy your needs. You can rest assured knowing your chimney is ready to warm your home all winter. 

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Why Hire Chimney and Masonry Professionals? 

When it comes to your chimney, you should always trust maintenance and repairs to experienced professionals. 

Your chimney must work properly if you want to have a controlled fire. The chimney moves smoke and carbon monoxide out of your home while allowing enough airflow for the fire to burn strong. Keeping your chimney in working condition take effort and skill, and since chimney work requires roof access, it can be dangerous too. 

The professionals at Anderson's Chimney & Masonry Services have the experience and tools to do the job right. Schedule one of our chimney or masonry services to benefit from: 

  • Cleaner, warmer air: We'll clean your chimney to ensure it takes smoke and other contaminants out of your home before they bother your lungs. Removing residue from your chimney also helps your fireplace produce and distribute warmth. 
  • A healthier chimney: Our technicians will inspect your chimney to find and repair issues before they worsen. Your chimney will perform better and last longer as a result. 
  • A safer home: Lighting a fire in a dirty or damaged fireplace is dangerous. Our chimney services will prevent fire and smoke from damaging your home. 

Our Services

Caring for your chimney takes a lot of work. Fortunately, we have the experience and tools for every job. At Anderson's Chimney & Masonry Services, we're proud to offer Harrisburg residents a wide range of services. You can count on our CSIA-certified technicians for services like: 

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Ready to enjoy a warm, comfortable winter knowing your chimney is at its best? Anderson's Chimney & Masonry Services is on your side. We serve customers all over Harrisburg, so contact us online for more information or to request an appointment. 

National Standards

As certified sweeps, we are held to national standards of the NFPA. NFPA 211 for wood burning, NFPA 54 for gas appliances and NFPA 31 for oil appliances. All of our work is always conducted professionally and in compliance with these and any other local government codes that apply. Our professional opinions will be based on our experience and education.

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