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Every reputable business should have a guarantee to back up the products they sell and the services they preform. We are confident that you will be pleased with both the initial quality of the work we do at Anderson’s, and its durability over time.

All manufacturer warranties are listed below (in alphabetical order).

Anderson’s Chimney Sweeps, Inc. appreciates the opportunity to serve you. We strive to go beyond standards and seek ways to better serve our customers and community. All material is guaranteed to be as specified and all work will be completed professionally and in accordance to NFPA and manufacturers warranties. Anderson’s Chimney and all of its employees are covered by workman’s compensation insurance.

Breckwell Pellet & Wood Products

Breckwell warrants to the original purchaser its products against premature failure of any component due to workmanship, quality, or materials as follows:

TIME PERIOD Firebox / Firepot: 3-Years, Heat Exchanger: 3-Years, Door: 3-Years, Cabinets and Trim: 1-Year, Gaskets: 1-Year, All Electrical Components (Blower, Auger / Agitator Motor, PC Board, Switches): 1-Year, Ceramic Glass / Agitator: 1-Year

CLAIM PROCEDURE Any defects should be reported to Breckwell or its dealer and/or distributor giving descriptions and pertinent data, including proof or purchase which will be returned upon request. Providing the heater has been installed and used in accordance with the Owners Manual supplied with the heater, Breckwell will either: 1) Replace the defective part free of charge 2) Replace the heater free of charge 3) Where the defect is of a cosmetic (non-functional) nature, Breckwell will bear reasonable expense to refurbish the heater, including such items as welding, painting, and incidental labor. A “Reasonable” is defined by terms of this warranty as $30.00/hour with full refund for any purchase of parts from U.S. Stove Company.

NOT COVERED Specifically, not covered under terms of this limited warranty or any other warranty are problems relating to smoking or creosote. Smoking is attributable to inadequate draft due to the design or installation of the flue system or installation of the heater itself. Creosote formation is largely attributable to improper operation of the unit and/or draft as mentioned above. Also, not covered are: 1) Removal and re-installation cost. 2) Service calls to diagnose trouble (unless authorized in writing by the manufacturer, distributor, or dealer). 3) Painted or plated surfaces. 4) Damage or defect caused by improper installation, accidents, misuse, abuse (including over-firing) or alteration. 5) Transportation or shipping costs.

LIMITATIONS AND EXCLUSIONS (1) Breckwell shall not be liable for incidental, consequential, special, or contingent damages anyone might suffer as a result of their breach of this written warranty or any implied warranty. (2) Should the heater be replaced by Breckwell “free of charge”, all further warranty obligations are thereby met. (3) Parts and/or service replacements made under the terms of this warranty are warranted only for the remaining period of the original heater warranty. 4) Without specific written exclusionary waivers, no one has authority to add to or vary this limited warranty, or to create for Breckwell any further obligation of liability in connection with this heater or any other applicable accessory. Any further warranty implication applicable to this heater or any applicable accessory is limited in duration to the same time period as the original statement in the above schedule.

YOUR DUTIES This heater, including all applicable accessories, must be installed and operated in accordance with local authorities having jurisdiction and the instructions furnished with the Owners Manual. You should keep as permanent record your proof of purchase (or canceled check or invoice).

PROBLEM/RESOLUTION As purchaser, you must first contact the dealer and/or distributor from whom you purchased your heater. If within a reasonable period of time you do not receive satisfactory service from the distributor and/or dealer, write or call Breckwell, Customer Service Department, including complete details of the problem and/or problems you are experiencing, details of your installation, your proof of purchase, and the heater serial number or test agency code number.

WARRANTOR: The warrantor of record is Breckwell, PO Box 750, Bridgeport, AL 35740. Phone number: (866)-606-8444 Website: www.breckwell.com

NOTE: This warranty gives you specific legal rights; and, you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

IMPORTANT: You will be given a warranty card at time of installation. Keep this warranty card for future reference. We congratulate you on your selection of Breckwell and its products. As the oldest solid fuel manufacturer in the United States (since 1869), the Breckwell is very proud of its products, service, employees, and satisfied customers. As CEO of Breckwell, I would like to hear from you if you are not satisfied with the manner in which you have been handled by our distributor, dealer, representative, customer service department, parts department, or sales department.

Chimney Caps – Stainless Steel & Copper
Class-A All-Fuel Chimney Pipe
Cre-away Creosote Modifier
Crown Coat Crown Sealer
Fireplace Doors – Thermo-Rite
Flash Seal Chimney Flashing Repair
Heat Shield Flue Sealant
Keystoker Stoker Coal Stove
Masonry Repair & Restoration Work

At Anderson’s Chimney Sweep and Masonry Services, we take great pride in our work.  To maintain our commitment to our customers and guarantee the excellent quality of our work, Anderson’s Chimney Sweep and Masonry Services offers the following masonry warranties:

WORKMANSHIP   Anderson’s offers a 1 Year warranty on workmanship for all masonry work. Should a defect in workmanship arise during the warranty period, Anderson’s will perform repairs as appropriate to the problem area(s) at no cost to the client.

REPAIRS, REPOINTING and VENEERS   Anderson’s offers a 1-year warranty on all repair work, as well as installations of brick and/or stone veneers over existing concrete bases and on repoint repairs.  Hairline cracks are not covered under warranty.  Color variations in concrete/mortar are standard; therefore, although we strive to achieve the best results possible, Anderson’s does not guarantee identical color, nor that concrete/mortar colors will always be the same. Water repellent must be completed to keep warranty valid.

BRICK, STONE and BLOCK   Anderson’s offers a 5-year warranty on all properly-maintained new installations at no additional cost. Water repellent must be completed to keep warranty valid.

CONCRETE CROWN   Our concrete crowns are the best in the business. We believe in them so much, we guarantee them for 100-years.

MORTAR CROWN WASH   Our mortar crowns come with a 5-year warranty on all properly-maintained new crowns.

WARRANTY SPECIFICS Should a defect in workmanship arise during the warranty period, Anderson’s will perform repairs as appropriate to the problem area(s) at no cost to the client.

Normal wear and tear to materials is not covered under warranty.  Items covered under warranty include broken, cracked, or deteriorated joints and loose or cracked stones or bricks, within reason.  Anderson’s will relay loose brick or stone.  For cracked mortar joints, Anderson’s will grind out and re-point the cracked joint.

The following are not covered under warranty:  Deterioration of joints or masonry surfaces due to over-exposure from water, mold, fungus, and/or fire; Damage due to use of salt or any chemical to clear or remove ice or snow from the surface; Partial or complete collapsing of the structure from any act of god (including hurricane, lightening, tornado, flood, fire, earthquake, etc.); Cracking in masonry surfaces due to settling, shifting, abuse from new construction near location of our work; Damage resulting from collisions (human or mechanical); Damage due to improper use of structure (heavy machinery or large delivery trucks).

Warranty may be voided if client opts not to have full scope of repair estimate completed. The balance must be paid in full upon completion of the original scope of work as quoted.

Paint N’ Peel Fireplace Cleaner
Regency Gas Products
Regency Pellet Products
Regency Wood Products
Stainless Steel Chimney Liners
Water Repellent – Water Based
Water Repellent – Solvent Based

National Standards

As certified sweeps, we are held to national standards of the NFPA. NFPA 211 for wood burning, NFPA 54 for gas appliances and NFPA 31 for oil appliances. All of our work is always conducted professionally and in compliance with these and any other local government codes that apply. Our professional opinions will be based on our experience and education.

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