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Preparing Your Chimney for Winter in Pennsylvania

On a snowy winter day, you probably can't wait to curl up in front of a fire. But before you gather around the hearth or invite Santa to come down, you'll want to ensure your chimney is clean and functional to prevent safety issues.

7 Holiday Fireplace Safety Tips

Fireplaces add coziness and warmth to any space, especially with the holiday season approaching. Lighting a hearth in the colder months can create a more comfortable space for gatherings and celebrations with friends and family. While everyone can enjoy a cozy fire, it's crucial to take appropriate safety and maintenance precautions to keep your family safe.

Common Chimney Issues in Central Pennsylvania Summers

Most people only use their chimneys during the winter and colder seasons in Pennsylvania. This means that during the warmer parts of the year, your fireplace stays unused for a while, making summer the perfect time to maintain your chimney and make necessary repairs. Take advantage of the clear weather and get the job done now so it's in perfect working order when you need to use your chimney again. However, other issues can affect your chimney during the summer. You must be aware of these problems with your chimney in summer and watch for them.

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