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Chimney Design Trends for 2024

Chimneys can significantly impact your interior and exterior architecture, whether they are bold and unconventional or modest and uniform. When selecting a new chimney, it's essential to consider design, functionality and upkeep. To get started, browse the top 2024 chimney design trends.

Preparing Your Chimney for Winter in Pennsylvania

On a snowy winter day, you probably can't wait to curl up in front of a fire. But before you gather around the hearth or invite Santa to come down, you'll want to ensure your chimney is clean and functional to prevent safety issues.

7 Holiday Fireplace Safety Tips

Fireplaces add coziness and warmth to any space, especially with the holiday season approaching. Lighting a hearth in the colder months can create a more comfortable space for gatherings and celebrations with friends and family. While everyone can enjoy a cozy fire, it's crucial to take appropriate safety and maintenance precautions to keep your family safe.

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