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 We Repair Fireplaces

We Repair Fireplaces

So you think you have a fireplace problem? If it’s working inefficiently, creating dense…

bothersome smoke, or is difficult to light, you probably have a fireplace problem! Your fireplace may be stained, cracked, outdated, or just downright ugly. At Anderson’s Chimney & Masonry Service we can repair your damaged fireplaces so you need not worry about it.

Common Fireplace Damage

Don’t use a damaged fireplace or chimney. Using a system with obvious damage or hazards can lead to health emergencies that can land you or your loved ones in the hospital and even allow a fire emergency that can damage your property or destroy your home completely. The best way to prevent these catastrophic occurrences is to pay attention to your fireplace and chimney system year-round so that you can have the necessary repairs completed before the burn season.

  • Cracks in the firebrick means there is heat damage to the firebox. This is dangerous because as the firebrick cracks and spalls it can allow heat transfer from the firebox to other structural materials of the home. Stains in the fireplace means there may be too high temperatures as well as too much particulate pollution created by the fire. Both of these circumstances need to be addressed. Having the stains removed is fairly easy, but correcting the problems that led to the stain in the first place is essential.
  • Clay tile pieces in the firebox indicates that the flue liner is damaged. This is common after time and uses when a clay tile liner has been installed years prior. If you find small or large pieces of clay tile on your fireplace floor that means there are small or large gaps in your liner which is a safety hazard that needs to be addressed.
  • Excessive smoke in the fireplace may at first seem like a fireplace problem, but it is likely an issue with the throat damper. If your smoke is not rising out of the fireplace and up through the flue, you need to call a professional right away for a diagnostic assessment.

Safe Fires for the New Year

Spend your new year with your mind at ease as you light your fireplace knowing it’s safe to burn. Using an unsafe fireplace can have life-altering and life-threatening results, but when you schedule routine maintenance with a professional these issues are caught and corrected. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) agree that the safest and most efficient chimney systems are those that are cleaned regularly and inspected annually. These important appointments allow a certified professional to get a glimpse of your chimney system from top to bottom. It’s at one of these appointments that your often overlooked firebox will get the attention it needs.

Inspections and Sweeps in South Central PA

Serving families and homeowners in Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Perry, and York counties, for over twenty years, Anderson’s Chimney & Masonry Services has cleaned and inspected countless chimneys across South Central Pennsylvania. Our friends and neighbors are safer when they schedule these important services with a qualified professional each year. We complete mess-free chimney services and repairs that we stand by and if fireplace damage is revealed during an inspection, we can help you determine the best course of action.

Restoring Damaged Fireplaces

With our certified chimney sweeps and master masons on staff, we are able to restore even the most badly damaged fireplaces in the oldest homes in our area. We repair masonry that is crumbling and return the firebox to a fire-safe fireplace you can enjoy in comfort.

We can help convert your damaged wood-burning fireplace to a gas-powered heat machine, bypassing extensive repairs and instead retrofitting an insert into the firebox.

We remove heavy stains from masonry walls and bring the beauty back to your fireplace for your aesthetic pleasure, for sales, or refinances.

We can give your hearth face an update and facelift, bringing tired old masonry to life and brightening up an old traditional fireplace.

We use only the best materials and techniques to create the safest most efficient and beautiful fireplace possible for our customers, old and new. If you’re looking for an update or repair you can count on the highest grade refractory bricks and mortar that will keep the fire in its place season after season for years to come.

Schedule Services and Repairs Now

Most house fires occur in January. Most of these fires happen at night and most can be blamed on heat sources like the fireplace. It is our aim as a good company and as exceptional neighbors to bring the occurrences of these fires in our service area. We can accomplish this by offering our expert services and repairs, but only if the homeowners in our area continue to schedule these services. Do not neglect your fireplace. It is abused day after day with the highest temperatures of the whole system and for the longest periods of time, yet receives the least attention. Let Anderson’s tend to your fireplace.

Call and schedule services with one of our Anderson’s experts today at 1-800-793-3755.

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