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The Advantages of Pellet Stoves and Inserts

The Advantages of Pellet Stoves and Inserts

When you’re looking for a new fire product, it’s important to find a professional who can…

help you find the best product for your home and family. When it comes to fire products, the sky is the limit. All of the fuel types, appliance types, and installation variations means that no two fireplaces are the same (unless you want them to be). At Anderson’s Chimney and Masonry Services it’s our goal to match each of our customers with the absolute best product to add value to their home. Value doesn’t just mean monetary value, but also heat, comfort, and safety. One of our favorite fuel options is both efficient, safe, and convenient. Pellet stoves and inserts burn with a beautiful fire comparable to wood fires while also burning safely and efficiently like gas.

Pellets Versus Wood

Wood fires can be messy. With cutting, hauling, storing, lighting, and then cleaning up the ash, wood fires can be a pain. Though wood appliances are more efficient than ever, wood fires are still less efficient than any other fuel type. They require more maintenance and care than other fuel types also, releasing more soot and creosote than more efficient options. The best product for efficiency and traditional style? Pellets. Our team at Anderson’s Chimney & Masonry Services recommends, sells, and installs pellet stoves and inserts. A pellet stove is a great way for you to move a freestanding fire into your home. An insert is a great way to have a highly-efficient fireplace installed anywhere, upgrade for efficiency, convert from wood, and more.

The Convenience of Pellet Units

Your pellet stove or insert will be as convenient to use as a gas fireplace. Pellet units have immediate ignition, so the fire is ready to go anytime you are and they also offer a consistent temperature and flame because they’re equipped with a hopper that constantly feeds the fire with pellets. Pellet stoves and inserts are also less maintenance than a wood stove, producing less creosote and soot than a wood fire because the pellets are more clean-burning than even properly seasoned firewood.

Anderson’s Has Pellet Stoves

We sell pellet stoves so that our customers have the opportunity for a beautiful wood fire. Pellet stoves, like wood and gas stoves, can be installed in any space with appropriate refractory materials. Our team at Anderson’s can match you with a pellet stove of any size for any space, even corners. Stoves are highly efficient, closed units that can be a primary heat source.

Pellet Inserts at Anderson’s

When it’s time to upgrade your tired fireplace to a heat-machine, you can do so with a pellet insert. We retro-fit inserts directly into the existing fireplace, piping up the existing chimney, and converting your system to one that works better and adds value to your home and your family.

Our customers only get the best. That’s why we sell and install Regency and Hampton pellet stoves, backed by the most comprehensive Limited Lifetime Warranty in the industry. Your warranty and your chimney care will stay intact for years when you install with us. We’re Certified Chimney Sweeps and can install and maintain your system for years to come.

To get started with our team of chimney experts, call 717-500-8536 to schedule a consultation as soon as possible, and we can have your new pellet stove or insert up-and-running before winter!

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